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Root Beer Occasion Theatre Company presents

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Shakespeare in the park... a charming theatrical tradition.

But we here at RBO felt it was missing something.



Welcome to Wet Willy! An afternoon of Shakespearean scenes performed by talented actors and company members whom we will actively be throwing water at! Have you ever felt that Shakespeare could be spiced up with a water balloon fight? Or have you ever felt that water balloon fights could really use some dramatic Shakespearean plots thrown in? Today’s your lucky day! We've bravely put together the perfect theatre experience—and you can watch it all from the splash-free zone of your very own home.

Full program available HERE.


Wet Willy is a fundraiser celebrating the one-year anniversary of RBO! Donate in advance here to ensure we have the means to keep making fun and innovating events for y'all for years to come. 

Sept 17
7pm EST
Sept 18
2pm EST

Wet Willy is free to watch, but donations are greatly appreciated! Every dollar you give goes to directly towards creating and celebrating more innovative new events and artists!

Suggested Donation is

$10 per viewer.

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