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"Exposure" doesn't

pay the BILLS.

We value our artists and their work. We are determined to pay all our writers, performers, designers, and everyone behind the scenes for each and every event. At the same time, in order to maintain accessibility to the public, we want to keep ticket prices reasonable. Unfortunately that means we cannot afford to pay our artists with what we make from ticket sales alone.

The arts have always depended on generous people who believe in the cultural necessity of creation. That's where you come in.

Click the bottle cap to donate to RBO!

**Root Beer Occasion Theatre Company has been a proud Non-profit organization as of December 2020.**

thank you

We would like to thank all of our Kickstarter donors for supporting the arts and helping us get started. We couldn't have gotten this far without you!

Stephen Wagener Bennett 

Clare Bierman

Evan Bilinski

Randi Bilinski

Brianna Bishop

Robb Briggs

Gabrielle Mirabella Burch

Jamie Buxton

Kat Cartusciello

Elspeth Collard

Philip & Kim Collier

Sara Cooper

Kali Cowen

Rachel Dean

Deniz Demirkurt

Mindi Dickstein

Elena Dolghi

Bill F.

Kin Ferate

Stephanie Fern

Jared Field

Robert & Rikki Field 

Paola Garza

Erin Hoerchler 

Robin Hoerchler

Bela Kawalec

Pat Lamatino

Danny Larsen

Bridget Likely

Durra Leung

Casey Mihalik

Angela D. Mitchell

Maggie Moe

Ellie Muetzel

Joshua Muetzel

Georgi Nes

Sam Norman

Michele O’Brien

Randee Rae Rockwood

Mikey Rosenbaum

Sam Rosenblatt

Alisa Roznerita

James Salem

Kelly Serio

Lipica Shah

Rachel Sheinkin

Dani Shoulman

Richard Smith

Stephanie Tucker

Sara Wagner

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