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About Us

Brandy Hoang Collier and Jessie Field met while attending the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at NYU Tisch and graduated


together into the apocalyptic hellscape of 2020. Amidst growing fears about the survival of theatre as a sustainable artform, Collier and Field were inspired to come together and search for a solution.

A few root beers were shared over a video call, and Root Beer Occasion Theatre Company was born – a Brooklyn-based company determined to create real theatre experiences despite any and all obstacles; to reject snobbishness and empty art in favor of honesty, truth, and vulnerability; and to foster sustainable theatre that is both affordable and accessible. From virtual events to playwriting salons to resources for writers, RBO will be actively working to support artists in these uncertain times and beyond.


What is a “Root Beer Occasion”?

Since the beginning of their friendship, Collier and Field have celebrated significant achievements by toasting with ice-cold, glass-bottled root beers. Any time a huge assignment was completed, a presentation went well, or they just felt particularly proud of their art, it was dubbed a Root Beer Occasion. We invite everybody to share a moment of authentic art with us, have a root beer if you can, and call it an occasion. Cheers!


Mission Statement

Root Beer Occasion Theatre Company seeks out honest work by honest artists and creates accessible, affordable space for that art to live. RBO is committed to elevating voices of underrepresented communities—particularly voices of color and queer voices—and to using technology to bring access to theatre to rural areas and other socially marginalized communities.


Our Team

Click here to read more about our hard-working crew!

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